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Team & Action Photos - Why Us?



LOCAL LEGENDS are dedicated to bringing you the best team and action images available while supporting local clubs and the work they do. Team photos are not just for the individual participants, they form an essential part of a club’s history and culture. At LOCAL LEGENDS we take pride in using professional photographers and graphic designers to deliver products that will stand the test of time.

If your team or league are looking to make a change in their photographic service provider or if you’re a new club looking for great pictures, we can meet your mark. We believe the quality of our work speaks for itself and we are happy to support your club or league without the lock in contracts insisted upon by other suppliers. This guide is designed to give you an overall view of what we do differently and the photo day process..

The Difference

Having worked in the industry and seeing the best and worst it has to offer Local Legends Team & Sport Photography was conceived from the assertion that Team Photos could be exceptional when forged from our founders passion for visual design, efficient business systems and photographic excellence. 

We continually strive to evolve our approach in order reach our goals. The feedback we have received highlights what set us apart:

  • Our approach and handling of the kids
  • The visual quality of our product
  • Free ‘Club Teams Poster’ 
  • The startling reaction to our unique premium product, The Panorama Combo (framed and ready to hang)
  • The Local Legends Support Ticket system – Every order is delivered with a ‘Support Rewards Flyer’ (insert link) directing parents with issues to our website where we guarantee to resolve all issues!


We are continually impressed to see the positive effects our local sporting clubs have on the community. Communities that participate in sport and recreation develop strong social bonds, are safer places and the people who live in them are generally healthier and happier. All this is driven by volunteers so it’s the least we can do to support your club in the work they do. Local Legends can support fundraising by club nominated tariffs on players orders and contributing to club fundraising events. Ask us how we can work with your club.

Pre Photo Day

In conjunction with the club and based on the number and size of your teams we will work out a shooting schedule that suits your training night /game day timetable. We then custom print your forms and deliver them in team bundles ready to distribute. Were possible we will obtain digital team lists so we can arrive with a QR code for each player which identifies them to the camera.

Photo Day

  • Collect all order envelopes from players in the Team envelope supplied. Please ensure Team Manager/Coach contact details and Team Name are recorded on the envelope. Late Orders and Paywave Payments can be taken on the day.
  • Each Team is shot portraits first in ascending number order to make searching through your players photos a breeze. This also allows the best chance for everyone to be present for the team photo. Once the Portraits are done please line the team up in order, tallest to shortest (in preparation for the team shot).

Post Photo Day

With your digitally supplied team lists Local Legends will provisionally name teams for your approval/alterations. If team lists are unavailable digital team shots will be sent for naming.

Once your teams naming is corrected and returned to Local Legends we will combine your team photo, player names and approved custom background to provide final proofs back for sign-off.

Once all teams are approved its off to the photo lab. Prints will be produced sorted, packed and delivered back to the club. 

For ‘Team Shot' only orders this process can be as quick as 2 weeks. Where there are portraits and green screens involved and at busier times of the year this process can take 4-6 weeks.

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